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Monday, April 04, 2005

Twizzlers' Revenge

Twizzlers' Revenge

Jamie Oliver's recent campaign against British schoolchildren being fed processed crap has had an unexpected side effect.

It seems that sales of the much derided Turkey Twizzler, which is allegedly a menace to childrens' health, are rocketing.

King of the turkey's, Bernard Matthews, has reported a 32% year-on-year rise in sales.

The Twizzlers consist mainly of water, rusk, pork fat and coating; 33% is is made up of "mechanically recovered" turkey meat.

Jamie Oliver seemingly was so incensed about that product, that he threatened to "send a bomb round their factory and shove it right up the jacksie of the MD."

Given this evangelical crusade for food purity, I would question as to why Jamie allows himself to be seen as the frontman for Sainsburys?

Oh wait a minute, that would be the money he is receiving from them right?

Following on from Jamie's programme, Twizzlers have been banned by some schools. However, the British public still have a taste for these processed "foods".

There has been no reported no downturn in sales of Fish Rockets, Turkey Dinosaurs, McCain's Smiles or any of the other products derided by Jamie Oliver's programme.

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