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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Constant Service - One of The Beacons of Hanover

At the risk of sounding like a scratched record (not that they ever play those in the Constant Service), I would like to once again complement the chef at the Constant Service (96 Islingword Road, Brighton) for offering and cooking another imaginative and tasty range of specials last night.

This time I ate skewered chicken with herbs and garlic, accompanied by a salad, tzatziki and rice. The dish was generous, well flavoured, tender and moist. Cooking as it should be.

Eva had a chicken stew consisting of good sized and generous chunks of chicken, chorizo, potatoes and cheese. Bloody marvelous!

The reason that I yet again mention the food at the Constant Service, aside from the fact that it is very good, is that whilst some pubs in Hanover also produce good quality home cooked food others fall lamentably short.

Naming no names, there are some pubs (and chefs) in the area whose imagination doesn't extend beyond burgers (calling them "gourmet" really doesn't cut the mustard with me) and a Thursday night "curry" (served with a mean portion of rice). You cannot populate your menu mainly with burgers and call yourself a chef.

Those Hanover pubs and their chefs that have fallen behind the curve should look to the Constant Service as a beacon as to how menus should be constructed, food cooked and customers' wishes be taken into account.

To compare and contrast attitudes, last night I asked for rice instead of the flat bread that was on the menu for my dish. This request posed absolutely no problem for either the landlady or the chef, who were perfectly happy to do step up to the plate and cater for my request. In another Hanover pub, some months ago, I asked for mash instead of chips and was told that the portions of mash "had already been allocated" (ie "No"). The lesson is clear, do as the customer asks (if the request is reasonable) and the customer will return, do as you wish (and ignore the customer) and you will end up with no customers.

Pubs and chefs that don't cater to their customers wishes will not survive, as is evident by those pubs in Hanover that are sadly empty.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

The Constant Service

Kudos to the chef at the Constant Service (96 Islingword Road, Brighton) for cooking a first class Coq au Vin, amongst other specials, last night.

The dish tasted fantastic, and was enhanced by the fact that fresh thyme from the garden of the Constant Service was used in the recipe. The accompaniments of mash and cabbage were superb.

Two Coq au Vins and a very decent bottle of Blush, all for £30!