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Monday, April 21, 2008

Festival of English Food

Festival of English Food

Wednesday 23rd April is St George's Day.

To celebrate the day Borough Market will temporarily set up shop in Trafalgar Square, together with food inspired street theatre and cabaret performances, in a Festival of English Food.

Stalls from Borough Market include:

-Wrights Oysters oysters and shellfish from Cornwall
-Shell Seekers Dorset diver caught scallops and shellfish
-Furness Fish & Poultry Morecombe Bay shrimp
-Farmer Sharp Herwick lamb
-Mrs King Melton Mowbray pies and Cornish pasties
-The Ginger Pig sausage rolls
-Northfield Farm, Beef
-Sillfield Farm Westmorland wild boar and pork
-Chegworth Valley Apple juice
-Flour Power City bread and scones
-Neal’s Yard Dairy Cheese
-England Preserves London’s best jam and pickles
-The Veggie Table vegetarian food, ginger beer and lemonade
-Flour Station Chelsea buns and Eccles cakes
-Burnt Sugar traditional cakes and bakes
-Secretts Direct Surrey vegetables
-Ceylon 1 London’s finest Tea
-Booth’s Flower Stall red rose and oakleaf

Friday, April 11, 2008

Myung Ga


Myung Ga
1 Kingly Street

Phone 0207 734 8220



I had the good fortune to be invited out for dinner by a Korean friend of mine in London the other week. We dined at Myung Ga, an authentic traditional Korean restaurant near Piccadilly. It specialises in BBQ (on the table) and other dishes
such as; Kimchi, Bulgogi, Bibimbop, Pajon. It was established in 1990.


Myung Ga is a bustling, lively modern Korean restaurant that serves a whole host of Korean foods.

The restaurant was bright, well lit, and very popular with both Koreans and Europeans alike.

Each table has a central barbecue pot, which is used for special dishes such as bulgogi (barbecued beef).


The menu in Korean, English and with photos of the food and drinks offered an extensive range of Korean cuisine including:

- Kaeranjjim: Steamed egg in hot pot.
- Pajeon: Pan-fried spring onion and seafood pancakes.
- Kimchi jeon: Pan-fried Kimchi pancakes.
- Tubu jeon: Fried bean curd
- Bindae dok: Mung bean pancakes
- Tteok bokgi: Rice cake with vegetables.(Spicy)
- Tangsuyuk: Sweet & sour chicken or pork.
- Ggampoonggi: Sauteed chicken with spicy sauce.
- Hongeo hoe: Thinly Sliced raw skate seasoned with spicy sauce.
- Bap: Steamed rice
- Bokum bap: Special fried rice.
- Maeun tang: Spicy hot stew with seafood.
- Yukgaejang: Spicy beef soup with vegetables.
- Doengjang jjigae: Soybean paste stew with seafood.
- Kimchi jjigae: Kimchi stew with pork.
- Mandu guk: Dumpling soup with meat broth.
- Seolleong tang: Beef bone soup
- Kalbi: Marinated beef ribs, charbroiled.
- Bulgogi: Marinated, barbecued beef.
- Deung sim gui: Grilled beef sirloin.
- Hue gui: Sliced ox tongue.


The service was friendly and very efficient.


My friend and I had a feast of many dishes, too numerous to mention, which we shared. However, our dishes did include bulgogi and Yuk hoe (raw stripes of tender beef with pine nut, pears and egg) - a Korean version of steak tartar.

The meal was absolutely first class, the food tasted superb; we washed it down with copious quantities of Korean beer and Soju.

Overall Opinion

An excellent establishment, and well worth visiting should you be in that part of town.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Delia In Trouble Again

Delia In Trouble Again

Delia Smith finds herself in trouble again over her use of ready made foods in her new TV series "How To Cheat at Cooking".

This time she has fallen foul of the anti salt brigade, championed by Consensus Action on Salt and Health (Cash).

Cash claim that a single serving of one of the recipes, carbonara real quick, contained more than a whole day's recommended salt intake.

Maybe so, but an indulgence once in a while won't kill you.