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Tuesday, May 20, 2003


Källaren Bohemia
Tunnelgatan 1
11137 Stockholm

Phone:- 08 21 53 10



Bohemia was one of our favourite restaurants when we lived in Stockholm. It specialises in Central European food, and is situated near to where Olaf Palma (Sweden’s Prime Minister) was assassinated in 1986.

Eva, myself and Kajsa (one of Eva’s daughters) went there on Saturday evening.


The restaurant is cosy, bright and unpretentious. The restaurant has a wooden beamed ceiling and white walls, a large tapestry adorns the furthest wall.

The restaurant has both traditional round tables in the centre of the room, and booths around the walls. All the tables are laid with linen cloths and napkins, and decorated with fresh flowers.

We were warmly greeted by the owner, who remembered us despite the fact it had been over two years since we had been there.


The menu offers an impressive selection of dishes including; steak tartar, Wiener Schnitzel, chicken Kiev, goulash and foie gras. Should there not be something to your taste, the chef will try to accommodate you.


The service was very cheerful and attentive. Unlike many restaurants in Stockholm, Bohemia does not try to rush you out of the door when you have finished; and we lingered for while with our liqueurs, finally departing at around 12:30.


I started with the Fettuccine Alfredo, which was splendid. The sauce was rich and creamy, and was complemented by the mushrooms and perfectly cooked fettuccine.

I chose Holstein Schnitzel for my main course. This was an absolutely enormous piece of veal, which was coated in breadcrumbs and pan fried; served with two fried eggs and a side dish of sauté potatoes. Outstanding, a meal to die for!

Eva started with blinis and red caviar. The blinis were home-made, and were served with sour cream, red caviar and chopped red onion. Eva was delighted with her choice.

She chose the chicken Kiev as her main course, this was succulent, and oozed forth a very garlic infused melted buttered filling when the chicken was pierced. She thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kajsa, having already dined a few hours earlier, opted to have just an appetiser and desert. She chose the snails to start with. These were served in their shells in melted garlic butter, with a vast tray of toasted bread. They were succulent, plump, and very tasty.

She opted for ice cream with a fresh fruit salad for desert. This was exceptionally well presented, being placed on a large plate dusted with icing sugar; together with a sauce boat containing a rich, dark chocolate sauce. The chef has a creative mind, and an eye for detail; full marks.

The meal, which included two bottles of Chablis and various cocktails and liqueurs, came to SEK2213 before service.

Overall Opinion

I make no exaggeration in saying that, in my opinion, Bohemia is one of the best restaurants in Stockholm. I cannot recommend it too highly.