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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Rostick Restaurant Eastbourne


Rostick Restaurant
209 Terminus Road,
BN21 3 DH

01323 301 400


Eva and I were in Eastbourne for a couple of days this week, and visited Rostick for lunch on Tuesday.

Rostick is an Italian restaurant offering food "direct from the foothills of Abruzzo - known as the greenest area of Europe - where its pastures run for miles to the shores of the Adriatic, this is the source of Italian food at its finest."

Uniquely, it imports Abruzzo-grown mountain lamb for the signature dish, Arrosticini (Rosticks).

 The pasta is made fresh daily in the traditional way.


The restaurant has a traditional rustic style to it, cosy inside, with outside seating for when the weather is good. As it was sunny and warm, we sat outside and dined alfresco.


The menu has an excellent selection of homemade pasta, meat, fish and specials.


We were warmly welcomed by the owner Lorenzo Cinalli and his partner, who looked after us very nicely; they were very friendly, efficient and professional.


Eva started with the carpaccio di mazo, thin-sliced beef served over green salad with olive oil and parmesan shavings. The meat was flavoursome and exceptionally tender. Notably, and to its credit, the portion was generous.

She then had the Fusilli con Gamberi, Capesante e Zucchine, homemade corkscrew pasta with king prawns, scallops, courgettes, garlic and tomatoes. This was a hearty and tasty dish, where the flavours were well balanced and not overpowering.

I started with the Rigatoni all’amatriciana, fresh rigatoni with pancetta, onions and tomato. This was excellent, the flavours were well balanced and the portion very decent but not overwhelming. Note, this dish does not need parmesan, as Lorenzo correctly advised me.

I then had one of the specials, a veal t bone steak with a special tomato, garlic and wine sauce. The meat (locally sourced) was exceptionally tender and had a beautiful flavour. The sauce complimented the meat without overpowering it, and not diverting one's attention away from it.

Bloody marvellous!

The bill, which included, service, Prosecco, sambucas and coffee came to came to £110.

Overall Opinion

An excellent restaurant, well worth making a special trip to Eastbourne just to eat here. We will be doing that again!

Oh and here, by the way, is a photo of a their stuffed roast pork!

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Happy Birthday Spam!

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Major Restaurant Chain Fiddling Beer Measures

The Telegraph reports that a major restaurant chain has been caught serving pints of beer in glasses that are 8.1ml too small.

A nationwide recall of the glasses was ordered amid fears drinkers had been served short measures at the restaurants up and down the country.

The discovery was made by Birmingham Trading Standards, which launched an investigation after a “significant complaint” was made.

The council discovered that the chain, which has not been identified, was selling beer in glasses that were 8.1ml too shallow.

It recalled 41 glasses from two bars in the city ahead of a wider recall. Officials declined to identify the chain or the glass manufacturer because the case did not result in a prosecution.