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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Restaurants May Be Sued For Making You Fat

Restaurants May Be Sued For Making You Fat

It seems that the march of the compensation culture in the USA has reached new heights of stupidity.

People are trying to sue restaurants and food outlets for serving them food that makes them fat.

Has it not occurred to these people, that if they eat too mauch and don't exercise then they will get fat?

They only have themselves to blames.

A state legislator in Pennsylvania is taking no chances, Rep. Douglas Reichley wants to add Pennsylvania to the list of states that protect the food industry from these lawsuits.

He introduced the bill last month to protect the state's agriculture and food industries, because he doesn't think that they should be sued for "making food that tastes good."

In New York two fat teenagers, clearly on the make, filed a suit against McDonald's for allegedly making them fat by serving them burgers and fries.


Lower courts in New York have dismissed the case twice, but a federal appeals court reinstated part of it earlier this year.

A handful of similar suits have been thrown out since the New York case was filed in 2002 and there are no other known cases pending, legal experts said.

In the last two years, 16 states have enacted laws prohibiting such obesity lawsuits; in New Mexico, lawmakers approved a "right-to-eat-enchiladas act."

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