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Monday, December 20, 2004


Die Ecke
Tegelbacken 6, Box 195
Stockholm S-101 23

Phone (46) (8) 4123400



Eva and I were in Stockholm last weekend, doing some pre Christmas partying, we decided to try out Die Ecke; a Bavarian bierstubbe, which serves traditional Bavarian food.


Die Ecke was exceptionally cosy and inviting.

It was modelled on a typical Bavarian bierstubbe; with a wooden panelled dining room and a small bar, where you could enjoy the many German beers on offer.

The style of the restaurant was German rustic, of the “old school”. Wooden tables, chairs and panelling abounded.

It offered a very pleasant atmosphere for an intimate evening, or for a larger gathering with friends.


The menu offered a good selection of Bavarian food including; Weiner Schnitzel, sausages, ham hocks and Goulash soup.

In addition to German wines, there was an excellent choice of good quality German beers.


The staff were exceptionally friendly, welcoming and efficient. They spoke German, Swedish and English; and I guess a few other languages as well.


Eva made a pre meal “attack” on the salad bar, which was available to all diners at no extra cost; this provided a good selection of green salads and tomatoes.

We both started with the Goulash soup, Eva had a small bowl (which was quite large) and I had a large bowl (which was very large!).

The soup was excellent, spicy and flavoursome. It contained a good quantity of meat and peppers, and made a most excellent starter.

I chose the Bavarian platter for my main course. This consisted of a generous selection of various Bavarian sausages (fried and boiled), meatloaf and ham. This was served with a healthy dollop of creamy, rich mashed potato.

My meal was excellent, hearty and tasty; definitely to be recommended.

Eva chose the Wiener Schnitzel for her main course. This was a generous sized escalope of tender succulent veal, bread crumbed and fried. It was served plain with a lemon wedge, and boiled potatoes.

She was delighted with her choice.

The meal, which included several bottles of good quality German beer, came to 852SEK before service.

Overall Opinion

A splendid restaurant, we heartily recommend it.