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Friday, September 29, 2006

A Good Laugh

A Good Laugh

My compliments to the excellent waitress of Tennstopet (Stockholm), who gave Eva and I a good laugh the other day when we were having lunch there.

I attempted to use my limited Swedish and asked if there was Falukorv on the menu (a Swedish sausage), the waitress looked puzzled and I repeated myself; she then apologised profusely, and said that they had no Novalucol.

Clearly my pronunciation really is appalling. I will stick to English in future.

I wondered why Eva was laughing, and she explained that Novalucol is in fact a stomach medicine.

Clearly I did not look my best that lunchtime!

Anyway, all was finally explained and good laugh was had by all. Unfortunately there was no Falukorv either, so instead I opted for a whole Irish crab; which was excellent!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Curry Mushroom

The Curry Mushroom

Those of you with a penchant for curry may find the so called "curry mushroom" a must have in your storecupboards.

Thee small brown curry scented milkcap, Lactarius camphoratus, is to be collected and sold commercially by Wildfoods a Scottish company specialising in foods gathered from the wild.

Liz Walsh, director Wildfoods, said:

"We believe we are the first company to sell the curry-scented milk-cap commercially. It is a fascinating natural food that really does smell and taste of curry and grows alongside many other mushrooms in the wonderful forests we have here in Scotland.

We strongly believe there could be an excellent market for it out there among food lovers

Wildfoods believes that the curry mushroom has many potential uses eg; vegetable curries, a spicy condiment or to add heat to risotto.

Wildfoods will sell the curry mushrooms at £10 for 250 grams.

The curry mushroom has a strong smell and has a taste that brings to mind coriander, cumin, turmeric, ginger and chilli. I would suggest that it may be cheaper to use those ingredients directly, rather than buy the mushroom.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Advice To Finnair Re The Finnair Lounge Stockholm

Advice To Finnair Re The Finnair Lounge Stockholm

For heaven's sake put some vodka in your drinks bar, and improve on the dismal selection of nibbles curently on offer (nothing usually more than nuts).

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Beanz Meanz Money

Beanz Meanz Money

It seems that childrens' healthy eating champion and front man for Sainsburys, Jamie Oliver, is serving baked beans on toast at his famous restaurant £15.

The trouble is, he is charging £7 for this dish.

Who on earth is stupid enough to pay £7 for baked beans on toast?

I also understand that aside from making one hell of a profit on this dish, from the customers stupid enough to buy it, Jamie is also being paid by Heinz £15K to put it on his menu.

Easy money!

In case you don't know how to create this Oliver classic", here is the recipe:

-Open one can of beans

-Heat the contents in a saucepan

-Toast some bread

-Butter the toast

-Pour the beans over the toast


Friday, September 15, 2006

A Tasty Takeaway

A Tasty Takeaway

Those of you who enjoy an Indian takeaway may balk at the price being paid by Steve Francis, a New York dance music producer for Stush Music.

He is paying over £8K for a takeaway meal consisting of; 1 fish bhuna (using 2 extra large Bangladeshi tiger fish), 12 vegetable birianis and various other side dishes.

The reason that this meal is so expensive, is that it is being flown from the Indie Spice restaurant in Belfast to New York.

Seemingly Mr Francis once sampled the food of the Indie Spice, when he was at a music festival in England.

Well, they do say that curries are addictive!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Risky Profession

A Risky Profession

Those of you thinking about starting your own restaurant, may wish to step back and take some time over your decision.

In Britain around 5000 new restaurants are opened each year, less than 25% of these still remain open 12 months on.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cockroaches and Curry

Cockroaches and Curry

Cockroaches and curry do not mix; these resilient beasts tend to put off the most hardy diner, especially when they are found still alive in the poppadums.

Unfortunately even well know brands, such as Shere Khan, can be affected by these infestations; as per the recent report in the Times, which noted that the Shere Khan in Manchester was fined £40K for the above.

To read the full story please visit this link Cockroaches.