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Monday, April 11, 2005



157 Lordship Lane

Phone:- 0208 299 9598



Eva and I went to Dulwich last week to try out Franklins, a pub and restaurant that has gained a reputation for good quality English food. I also understand that the pub is recommended for its beer as well.


Franklins consists of a small cosy pub at the front, and an intimate romantic restaurant at the rear. The restaurant is situated on both the ground floor and the basement.

It was a Friday evening, and both the pub and restaurant were very busy, it is therefore advisable to book in advance.

The restaurant was lively, with the open kitchen situated along the wall at the back, yet intimate and cosy. The wooden floor of the restaurant contrasted with the brick walls, on which were hung several large antique mirrors and a large picture of an Empire day outdoor party.

The tables were laid with paper cloths, and were quite close together but not uncomfortably so.

The atmosphere was relaxed, but lively; I would swear that I saw Prince William dining at the table next to us.


The menu, which was unashamedly English, is varied on a regular basis and had a variety of hearty dishes to choose between. This particular evening, amongst others, it contained; devilled kidneys, jellied oxtail, pork belly with snails, rack of lamb, calves liver with Pease pudding and a sirloin steak.

They even serve a savoury course, which is something that is not so common in restaurants these days.


We were warmly greeted, and promptly shown to our table.

The staff were very friendly and efficient. Service and food preparation were well coordinated as they needed to be, given the number of covers.

We were kindly offered another, less central table, when it became free; a nice gesture.


I started with the devilled kidneys on toast. This was a splendid dish, consisting of a very generous portion of lambs kidneys served atop a chunky cut piece of well toasted bread.

The kidneys were delightful; tender, rich and very piquant.

First class!

I chose the spring chicken with leeks for my main course. This dish was a combination of a succulent, tender whole poussin served with a delicate white wine tarragon sauce on top of leeks.

I chose boiled new potatoes to accompany it. Both the chicken and the potatoes were delightful.

Eva started with the scallop roe on toast. This consisted of a generous portion of pink, fluffy delicate tasting roe accompanied by two triangles of thick cut toast.

It was delicate, delicious and a pleasure to eat.

Eva then chose the rack of lamb with garlic for her main course. This was pink and tender. I tried some and was impressed with the flavour, and texture, of the lamb; it was not overpowered, but complimented, by the garlic. Eva ordered the dauphine potatoes to accompany the lamb, an ideal combination.

Now, by this stage, we normally opt for coffee and liqueurs. However, I was feeling greedy and decided to try the savoury. Therefore I ordered a Welsh rarebit.

I was not disappointed; a more piquant and flavoursome rarebit I could not have wished for, duly arrived.

It consisted of a very generous slice of thick cut toast, smothered in melted Irish cheddar and mustard.


The meal, which included a bottle of Chablis and liqueurs, came to £87 before service.

Overall Opinion

We had a most splendid meal, and evening. I guarantee that we will be returning to Franklins again.

We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this fine restaurant.

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