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Restaurant Reviews


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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Prince Charles's Stag Night

Prince Charles's Stag Night

Those of you who are planning a stag night, might care to take a look at what Prince Charles did on his last Friday.

It was organised by Prince William and Harry at the Rustico restaurant, in the Swiss resort of Kloster.

The main course, at £14 per head, was the "Chas Fondue".

Prince Charles thanked his guests at the surprise party, by toasting them with glasses of champagne.

Seemingly the restaurant is quiet and out of the way, therefore it is ideal for royalty and those wishing to escape the media.

The restaurant's signature dish, the Rustico Chas Fondue, comes with; grilled potatoes, onions, gherkins and bacon smothered in melted cheese.

Drinkies consisted of several bottles of white and red wine, plus £50 magnums of Louise Roederer Brut Premier champagne.

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