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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Chicago Tries To Ban Foie Gras

Chicago Tries To Ban Foie Gras

It seems that those of you who live in Chicago, and love foie gras, may soon find this delicacy a little harder to come by.

That is if Alderman Joseph Moore has his way. Moore is proposing an ordinance that would ban foie gras from city menus.

He is following the lead taken by well known Chicago chef, Charlie Trotter, who pulled foie gras from his menu.

Moore is reported a saying:

"The unethical treatment of animals should be completely distasteful..It's incumbent on us..I just think that the public needs to be informed about the cruelty the birds must undergo, and it's incumbent on us for those who hold public office to take action,"

The council could vote on the matter as soon as its May 11 meeting.

I suggest that you indulge yourselves fully, before then, just in case he wins.

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