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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chef Rich Moves To The Dover Castle

Fans, such as myself, of Chef Rich's cooking (especially his chili) will be pleased to know that having left The Pub With No Name he is now in residence at The Dover Castle.

Friday, March 08, 2013

The Grosvenor Hotel

Yesterday, as I have done for over twenty years when travelling to London for a social event, I popped into the Grosvenor Hotel at Victoria station for a drink.

The bar was closed (it was 11:45), and the bistro fully booked for a private function. However, I was advised by reception staff to go to the lounge for a drink.

No problem, or so I thought.

I was about to sit down by a small coffee table in the lounge when I was told by a member of staff there that there was a minimum table charge of £30!

Suffice to say I said no way, and went back to reception to raise the issue.

The response?

"The law allows us to charge a minimum £30 cover charge."
I needless to say walked out.

I have used that place for over twenty years (eating and drinking), and have never been treated so badly there (or indeed anywhere else) before.

The sheer greed and arrogance of an institution that treats a loyal customer, of over twenty years standing, in this way beggars belief.

I urge you all to boycott the place until they come to their senses!