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Monday, February 21, 2011

Advice To Cafe Rouge Brighton

Advice To Cafe Rouge (Prince Albert Street Brighton)

Please put a curtain up in front of your door to stop the customers from freezing everytime the door is opened.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Townhouse Kemptown


The Townhouse
81-82 St James St

Tel: 01273 693216

Website The Townhouse


Eva and popped into The Townhouse in Kemptown the other day for an impromptu lunch.

The Townhouse is relatively new, and is both a bar and restaurant.

It offers contemporary British food (cooked by a head chef who hails from The Dorchester) in a relaxed atmosphere.


The Townhouse is a cheerful and bright venue, it has "rustic" wooden tables and brick faced walls. Aside from a dining area, it has a lounge bar and a piano room where you can sit around the Baby Grand Piano on bar stools while drinking!


The menu offers a good selection of British cuisine including; smoked haddock, roasted cod, crab, steak, rack of lamb and belly of pork.


The service was excellent, efficient and friendly. I was even offered a choice of wood or plastic toothpicks (a first!), which shows great attention to detail.


I had the pork belly, which was slow roasted and served with an apple mash and prune jus. I was very impressed with this dish, the pork was a good sized tasty cut/join,t and the crackling was crispy. The mash was not overpowered by the apple, and went well with the meat.

Eva had one of the specials, beef sausages and mash. This was very good, four thick tasty sausages atop a bed of mash served with a gravy.

The meal, which included some quality beers and very large brandies, came to around £40 from memory (I have lost the receipt!).

Overall Opinion

A very enjoyable meal, and I have no hesitation in recommending this venue. We will certainly be returning, this time for dinner.