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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Green's Bar


Green's Bar
136 Freshfield Road
Tel: 01273 603473

Website Green's Bar


Eva and popped into Green's Bar the other week (which is nearby us), to sample the new Italian menu that they have introduced.

Green's is both a bar and restaurant near to Queen's Park, owned and run by Paul Green.

It offers an Italian menu, freshly prepared from locally sourced produce.


Green's is a light, bright, airy and cheerful establishment that welcomes both drinkers and diners. It also has a large sunny (in Summer!) south facing garden, that can accommodate up to 70.

Paul offers all of his customers a warm and cheerful welcome.


The menu offers a decent selection of Italian pastas and pizzas. There are no specific meat (carne) dishes as yet on the menu, which to my view is a shame.

However, the menu includes Lasagne, Bolognese, Carbonara and a variety of pizzas and calzones.


The service (by Paul) was very friendly, cheerful and efficient. We even ended up having a few drinks with him after our meal.


I started with the Lasagne.

This, although not as enormous in portion size as other establishments, was by far the best I have ever tasted when dining out. The dish was rich, smooth and unctuous, it literally melted in my mouth.

I then chose the Bolognese for my main course. This was a decent sized portion of a traditional dish. The beef mince in tomato, mushroom and red wine sauce had body and flavour without being overpowering. The spaghetti was fine, although rather whiter in colour than I am accustomed to seeing.

Eva started with the Tricolore Insalata (beef tomato with mozzarella and avocado). This was a well presented dish, and was by all accounts very pleasant in texture and flavour.

For her main course, Eva chose the Pizza Espanol (tomato, chorizo, mozzarella and peppers). This comes on a thin crust and was, by all accounts excellent; most notably the thin crust actually had flavour, unlike many other places that present pizzas made from a rubber like tasteless substance masquerading as dough.

The bill, which included wine and liqueurs, came to around £60.

Overall Opinion

A very enjoyable meal, and worthwhile visiting (most especially if you live in the Queen's Park/Hanover area, as well run local enterprises should be supported).

We look forward to returning again.