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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hellman's Mayonnaise

Hellman's have recently begun marketing a new product called "Hellman's With Olive Oil".

I was rather puzzled as to why they emphasised the olive oil, given that standard mayonnaise recipes use olive oil as one of the key ingredients.

Therefore, I looked at the ingredients of Hellman's other mayonnaise product "Hellman's Real Mayonnaise".

It seems that their "real" mayonnaise doesn't contain olive oil, but in fact contains soybean oil.

How can this be called "real" if it doesn't contain olive oil, and why do they not call their new product "real" given that it now contains olive oil?

Sadly they can't, because it isn't "real" either; as it contains soybean oil as well as olive oil.

Therefore the question remains, how can Hellman's call their original product "real" mayonnaise when it doesn't contain any olive oil?

Friday, September 04, 2015

Saint Jamie's Sugar Rush

Saint Jamie of Oliver was on TV last night proselytising against the evils of sugar.

All very well and fine, given that some people consume bucket loads of the stuff and have clearly damaged their health.

However, in a free country, we are all entitled to go to the devil in our own way.

Notwithstanding that, Saint Jamie intends to put a sugar tax on sugary drinks in his restaurants. In theory the extra monies raised will be used for good works against the "evil" sugar.

That aside I draw your attention to Saint Jamie's recipes:
Oh, and while we are at it, take a look at the salt content in his branded sauces!

Hypocritical or what?