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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rotten Carrots

Rotten Carrots

Commiserations to Prince Charles, champion of organic farming, who has had his carrots rejected by Sainsbury's as they were deemed to be "rotten".

Sainsbury's also rejected carrots supplied by the head of the Soil Association, Patrick Holden.

Sainsbury's stated that the crop was rotten, because it had been kept in a cold storage centre since being harvested last year. A spokeswoman said:

"They put the carrots in cold storage near their farms, where they suffered rapid deterioration and as a result we have had to reject the remainder of the crop."

Mr Holden said his carrots were sent by truck from his farm in Wales to a packing plant in Peterborough. He said the "quality issues" were "at least in part caused by transport".

"The truth is, if you buy your carrots in Sainsbury's, they will only come from this one pack house in Peterborough.

I haven't got anything in for Sainsbury's. My issue is that all supermarkets have adopted this policy of centralisation of supply

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