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Monday, June 18, 2007

Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector

Those of you who are thinking of having a crafty fag break, in the toilets or a darkened corner of a restaurant or pub, when the no smoking ban comes into force in England in July may have to think again.

Restaurants and bars throughout England have been installing a hypersensitive talking alarm, which will catch the errant smokers out.. A pre-programmed voice message will tell the culprit:

"This is a no-smoking area, please extinguish your cigarette, a member of staff has been contacted."

Seemingly, the Cig-Arrete alarms can detect the slightest traces of tobacco smoke or the flame from a match or lighter; they will be used in hidden areas such as toilets and stairwells.

Thousands of the anti-smoking kits have been supplied to pubs and restaurants in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, where the ban has already come into effect.

The devices are made by Radal Technology, based in Burnley, Lancashire.

The alarms can be adjusted to deliver the voice message in any language or regional accent.

The restaurants installing them are more concerned about being fiend £2500 for inadvertently allowing smoking on the premises, rather than displaying concern for diners health.

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