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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Food Fight Frenzy

Food Fight Frenzy

Food Fight Frenzy

It seems that a US high school food fight got a tad out of hand last Thursday, in scenes resembling a Laurel and Hardy movie police had to be called and an officer was injured.

At least 200 students were in West Aurora High School's cafeteria when french fries, milk, sandwiches and pizza slices were hurled in a food fight frenzy.

Zach Little, a student, said:

"It was just insane..Things like milk cartons, full pop bottles and blue slushies were flying around. Kids literally bought the food to throw it and, to me, that's a little expensive."

The alleged instigator, Demetrius Oglesby faces a felony charge of resisting arrest after authorities said he ran from a police officer. The officer tripped over another student, who had fallen during the food fight, breaking his foot. A school official also suffered minor injuries.

Two juveniles also face misdemeanor charges from the incident, including a 15-year-old charged with mob action and disorderly conduct and a 14-year-old charged with assault.

Seemingly the event was preplanned, as students had said that rumours about the food fight had been circulating throughout the 3,000 student school all week as a senior prank.

Letting off steam is what students do. However, given the number of starving people in the world wasting food in this manner just seems to be in very poor taste.

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