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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Organic Food Costs To Rise

Organic Food Costs To Rise

Those of you who have a liking for organic food, may find their food bills rising in the near term.

EU ministers have agreed that food accidentally contaminated with up to 0.9% GM content can still be labelled "GM free".

However, the UK's organic organisations and "purists" have promised to maintain their higher standard of 0.1% of GM content.

Promises, though, cost money.

Needless to say the extra cost will not be borne by the producers, or campaigners, but by the consumers.

The Soil Association and Organic Farmers and Growers say that farmers and growers could incur extra costs, as they seek to protect their crops from cross contamination.

These extra costs will naturally be passed on to consumers.

The organic "purists" are unrepentant, they claim that the 0.1% threshold is in line with what customers want.

Personally speaking I actively avoid anything labelled "organic", as I have no doubt that we are being "sold a pup" with this fad.

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