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Restaurant Reviews


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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pay What You Like

Pay What You Like

The White Horse in Epsom is trying a rather innovative experiment with its gastro cuisine. Every Thursday and Friday evening, in June, the pub allows its patrons to pay what they think that the meal is worth.

Landlord, Stuart Down, said:

"There are no catches.

Customers are leaving exactly what they think their meal was worth. So far it has been very successful and has certainly captured people's imaginations.

What is so exciting about it from my point of view is the feedback we're getting knowing what your customers think is extremely useful.

No one has walked out without paying anything yet, though I'm sure someone will. In fact a lot of people have actually left more than they would have been charged

As a rough guide, the mark up that a well run restaurant or food outlet should charge in order to make a respectable (not greedy profit) is about 3-4 times the cost of the food.

It would be a very interesting idea indeed, to see some of London's more over priced and pretentious restaurants try this experiment; they might learn some humility.

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