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Thursday, July 26, 2007


Rambla Catalunya 2

Phone 93 318 40 41



On our first evening in Barcelona, Eva and I were wandering around acclimatising ourselves and looking for somewhere to eat. It was late, around 11:00pm, so we were quite peckish by this stage.

We chanced upon a very lively venue called Trobador.

Trobador is a bar and restaurant that serves a variety of Spanish dishes, grills and Tapas in an informal atmosphere.


Trobador was very lively and packed bar/restaurant; well lit, bright, cheerful and bustling. We didn't think that we would be able to find a table. However, we were assured that if we waited for ten minutes, at the bar, a table would be found.

I am delighted to say that they kept their word, and a table was found for us within five minutes.


The menu offered a good selection of Spanish dishes ranging from Tapas to main courses of meat, fish and paella.


The service was very efficient and courteous. However, I would suggest that maybe our waitress could learn to smile a little more readily.


This being Spain, I started with the egg and chips...don't laugh, I was hungry and wondered how they would present them.

I have to say I was rather impressed, two large eggs sprinkled with chili powder were presented atop a pile of fries.

I rather enjoyed this dish, despite Eva castigating me for being so "British":)

I chose the Catalan sausage and beans for my main course. This consisted of a most excellent, large and porky herbed sausage served with cannellini beans. An ideal meal for the weary traveller.

Eva started with the Iberian ham, which was a generous portion of local smoked ham.

She then had a selection of sausages and sauteed potatoes. The sausages were first class, one being spicy the others being variations on the version of mine.

An absolutely splendid introduction to our holiday.

The meal included a bottle of Chablis, unfortunately I have lost the bill. However, I can assure you it was less than 60Euros.

Overall Opinion

A great place, good fun and good food; give it a go!

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