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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Restaurant Ria De Vigo

Restaurant Ria De Vigo
Sevilla 84

Phone 932 215 131


Eva and I were recently in Barcelona on a well deserved holiday. We decided to pop into Rio De Vigo, one of the numerous restaurants/cafes that are by the sea at Platja de Sant Miquel, for lunch.

It was a glorious sunny day, and we decided to sit at a table outside under one of the sun umbrellas.

Rio De Vigo serves a mixture of seafood and meat dishes, using local ingredients.


Rio de Vigo is a pleasant restaurant near the seafront. The outside area, where we sat, was clean fresh and well shaded by the umbrellas. Although it was busy, the tables were not packed together too closely to make it feel unpleasant.


The menu provided an excellent selection of seafood and meat dishes including; the obligatory paella (in various guises), locally caught fish, steaks and pasta.


The service was very friendly, efficient and courteous.


I started with green peppers fried in olive oil and generously salted with sea salt. A most excellent dish, piquant and flavoursome.

I chose a sirloin steak for my main course, garnished with peppers and fires. The meat was of good quality, tender and had a decent layer of fat.

I have no complaints at all.

Eva started with fried prawns. This was a most excellent starter, consisting of a generous plateful of prawns in their shells that had been dipped in flour then fried in olive oil. The taste was piquant and fresh.

Eva then chose the veal escalope for her main course. This was covered in bread crumbs and fried, and garnished with fries and a salad. It was a reasonable effort, not the best that I have seen (as the meat was a little darker and drier than I would prefer); however, it was perfectly adequate.

The meal, which included a jug of Cava Sangria, a beer and two Irish coffees (well, it was our last day!), came to 88Euros.

Overall Opinion

A perfectly decent and fun seaside restaurant, worth visiting on a hot day.

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