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Friday, January 27, 2006

Smollensky's Metro


Smollensky's Metro
48 South End

Phone:- 0208 688 6132



In the gloomy first week of the new year, Eva and I decided to go out for simple burger, and decided to try the new Smollensky's Metro which has been opened on the site of the Crazy H which we have reveiwed on this site earlier.

Smollensky's Metro is part of the well known, and reputable, Smollensky's chain. The Metro concept, according to the publicity, specialises in quality burgers (eat in, take out). They claim that they use the same "high quality products and perfected techniques" in the preparation of the food.

With such promises, we entered the premises with a sense of anticipation.


The restaurant blurb describes the ambience as contemporary, with a naturally warm style.


"With wooden surfaces, glowing brick work and the leather seating, attention was paid to deliver and atmosphere as comfortable and welcoming as our staff."

Well, the layout was reasonably bright and cheerful; brown brick walls complemented by red painted canvas. However, this being January rather disappointingly the concept of warmth was very much lacking; the restaurant was cold, and Eva told me that the Ladies were freezing.

Additionally, the background music being pumped out was to our view too loud; so as regards ambience, we were not that impressed.


The menu offers a good range of burgers, and chicken dishes, together with some grills. However, rather surprisingly they do not offer baked potatoes.


Our waiter was rather an oddball, I would almost say he looked a bit spaced out. No sooner as he had offered us the menus, and I mean within 10 seconds, he asked us if we were ready to order.

Oddly enough, we weren't!

We read the menus, at OUR leisure, then placed our orders. I was surprised that, given the fact that Smollensky's claim to offer "quality burgers" of 170g (which therefore should require some decent cooking), we were not asked how we wanted them cooked.

After our meal I mentioned our disappointment with the food to the waiter, and asked why he did not ask us how we wanted them cooked; I was greeted with a blank uncomprehending stare, he muttered something and then went away.

We were then ignored, no offer of coffee or anything else, until we made a move to leave; then, as if by magic, a bill appeared.


I chose the egg burger. This was a rather sad looking specimen, dry and over cooked. I suspect it had been sitting on the hot plate for most of the day. The egg gave the poor old thing some much needed moisture.

Eva chose the cheese bacon burger; this was the same in quality, except that she had no egg.

The meal, which included a screw top bottle of Pinot Grigio, came to just under £31; we paid no service, as none was given.

  • Offer baked potatoes and potato skins on the menu

  • Turn the heating on, especially in the Ladies

  • Turn the music down

  • Train the waiters to serve in a responsive and customer orientated fashion

  • Train the chef to cook burgers to the customer's requirements

  • Do not reheat the burgers
Overall Opinion

We lament the demise of the Crazy H.

Smollensky's staff and chef have a lot to learn, and we most certainly do not recommend that you waste your money in this place until they have addressed our recommendations.

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