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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Food Fit For a Queen

Food Fit For a Queen

The Queen is reportedly looking for a new chef, to improve the meals prepared in the royal kitchens.

The Queen is reviewing the work of Britain's best chefs, in the country's top restaurants, to lead her team of 20 chefs.

Buckingham Palace said:

"We are stressing it's an important role. The food has to be perfect.

We cannot have foreign heads of state turning up to a banquet and finding the food is not up to standard

In additon to changing chef, the Queen will also be trying a dish selected by her loyal subjects for her 80th birthday this year.

The British public will choose what she eats for lunch on her 80th birthday.

The special BBC TV programme, starring 14 of the UK's top chefs, will begin in April and viewers will vote for the 'perfect' four course dinner for the queen.

The final menu will be chosen in a public poll and served at a City of London lunch, being held on June 15 to mark the queen's big day.

Each of the chefs will be given one of seven regions in the UK, and asked to make four "innovative" dishes from the best local ingredients.

The Lord Mayor of London, Lord Brewer, who will host the lunch, said:

"The City of London is proud to honour Her Majesty on behalf of the nation on this very special occasion.

Food brings us all together and through this event the whole country can take part

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