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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thistle Grosvenor Brasserie Bar Revisited

Thistle Grosvenor Brasserie Bar Revisited

In November I wrote about the decline in service standards at the newly renovated Thistle Grosvenor Brasserie Bar, which was once a very decent and customer focused bar.

Sadly, despite having been assured by management that my concerns would be addressed, standards have not improved.

I went there last night for a quick drink on my way to the West End. The Brasserie Bar had been hired out for a party (the old bar had two rooms which allowed parties to be held without inconveniencing regular customers), therefore I had to go to the lounge next door. I was advised by the "head man" that there were no tables available and that I would have to sit in the corridor (on ridiculously small and uncomfortable seats).

I asked for a gin and tonic and "meekly" took my seat. Ironically, some 30 seconds after I had been told that there were no seats in the lounge, I saw a couple (who had just come in behind me, and had not reserved a table) being promptly shown to a "free" table by the same member of staff.

Needless to say, having waited for a couple of minutes without any sight or sound of my drink appearing, I left.

On my way out I spoke to another member of staff about the issue, she was very apologetic but honest enough to admit that the new bar and service arrangements were not good.

Until the management of the hotel sort this out, I am very sad to say that I most certainly do not recommend this venue to anyone.

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