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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Thistle Grosvenor Brasserie Bar

The Thistle Grosvenor Brasserie Bar

I have been a regular at what was the Harvard Bar in the Thistle Grosvenor Victoria for many years. It provided a welcome sanctuary from the hurly burly of the station, and was a delight to visit.

Sadly, Thistle undertook to redesign the bar and have turned one part into a brasserie and the other part into a small, soulless bar which lacks the space, character and comfort of the Harvard.

Even the toilets have been moved further away and downstairs. Hardly convenient!

I was in the bar on Monday and, I and another regular, had to hunt down a member of staff from elsewhere to come in and serve behind the bar.

Aside from the other regulars (who I have spoken to about the new design) some of the long serving staff are none to happy about the change, and are leaving.

The Harvard Bar, and loyal staff, will be much missed!

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