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Restaurant Reviews


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Friday, September 29, 2006

A Good Laugh

A Good Laugh

My compliments to the excellent waitress of Tennstopet (Stockholm), who gave Eva and I a good laugh the other day when we were having lunch there.

I attempted to use my limited Swedish and asked if there was Falukorv on the menu (a Swedish sausage), the waitress looked puzzled and I repeated myself; she then apologised profusely, and said that they had no Novalucol.

Clearly my pronunciation really is appalling. I will stick to English in future.

I wondered why Eva was laughing, and she explained that Novalucol is in fact a stomach medicine.

Clearly I did not look my best that lunchtime!

Anyway, all was finally explained and good laugh was had by all. Unfortunately there was no Falukorv either, so instead I opted for a whole Irish crab; which was excellent!

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