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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Mi Burrito y Yo


Mi Burrito y Yo (My Donkey and I)

Paso de la Ensenanza, 2

Phone 93-318-2742


Eva and I went to Barcelona last week for a well earned holiday. Despite being on holiday, we managed to continue on our mission to seek out new dining experiences and tried out a number of very enjoyable restaurants and eateries.

One of these being Mi Burrito y Yo (My Donkey and I), a charming steak house near La Rambla.


The surroundings were very quaint and rustic, the specialties on the menu were roast meats cooked on an open fire at the entrance level. Downstairs was a small dining room and bar area (with a most sucullent smoked ham sitting atop the bar) upstairs was a larger dining room with a piano for entertainment.


The menu offered a good selection of steaks, pork, fish and other Spanish dishes.


The service was friendly and efficient, the menu was in English and although our waitress did not speak that much English we had no trouble making ourselves understood.


We were given a large basket of freshly baked bread, two fresh tomatoes, two large fresh garlic cloves and a bottle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar at the outset.

The idea being to cut the tomatoes and garlic up, place them on the bread and drizzle the combination with oil and vinegar (DIY brushetta).

What may seem to be rather simple idea was in fact absolutely glorious on the taste buds, and is something that we are inclined to institute at home for our own meals.

Having munched our way through our "Spanish canape", we then proceeded with the serious business of eating our meal.

Eva started with a hearty bowl of vegetable soup with fried croutons. This was a splendid dish, not too thick but neither was it too watery. The balance of vegetables and potatoes were just right, with the croutons added a crunchy texture to the dish.

I started with the tortilla, a homemade omelette filled with cheese and mushrooms. This was unctuous, the omelette (as it should be) was still a little runny and combined perfectly with the mushrooms and cheese. An ideal starter.

Eva chose a light dish of carpaccio for her main course. This being Spain it was not that "light", and consisted of a good sized dish of thinly sliced beef interspersed with cheese shavings and drizzled with olive oil. She was very happy with this dish, the more so because the soup had been very filling.

I chose the pork fillet for my main course. This consisted of two very generous cuts of pork, seasoned with herbs, which had been cooked on the open barbecue. The taste was superb, and the meat very tender and succulent. In my view it had been cooked to perfection. The dish was accompanied by a baked potato and grilled tomatoes.

The meal, which included a bottle of good bottle of Spanish wine, came to 70Euro before service.

Overall Opinion

A splendid restaurant, we heartily recommend it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ken,

I loved how you described the restaurant. It is exactly as I remember. My husband and I visit this restaurant everytime we are in Barcelona. We love getting a table downstairs. There always seems to be a group celebrating something and singing along with the keyboard player.

Thanks for rekindling happy memories,


David said...

Cada ves estamos en Barcelona debemos comer un o mas cenas a "Mi Burrito y Yo".

La comdia es muy bueno. Siempre los serviantes son muy simpatico y eficientes. Hay que probar la paella. Que bueno!