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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Pret A Manger Heathrow Terminal 1

Pret A Manger Heathrow Terminal 1

I recently passed through Pret A Manger at Heathrow Terminal 1, and tried the smoked salmon sandwich on brown buttered bread. I have a few observations and some advice for Pret.
  • The butter was barely noticeable on one slice of the bread, and non existent on the other. Given that the sandwich was described as buttered, there should at least be some evidence of butter.

  • The sandwiches are cut in half, and are presented in their boxes with the filling side visible. In the box the sandwich looked well stuffed with salmon. On close examination this effect had been achieved by the old catering trick of piling up the filling in the centre, and leaving the edges bare; ie never judge a sandwich by its presentation box.

  • The counter tops, where the customers can eat their sandwiches, needed to be wiped down; and the floor need to be swept.
In catering, attention to detail is everything.

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