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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Dangers of Sandwiches

The Dangers of Sandwiches

Last night's Dispatches programme on Channel 4 delivered a stinging critique of the British sandwich industry (worth £5BN).

Dispatches showed that sandwiches from some of the top retailers contain huge amounts of salt and fat; many are also bulked up with chemicals, water and starch.

"Proper thick ham", as described on the front of one packet of sandwiches, was in reality (as per the small print on the back) formed from pork products. This being rendered meat; whereby the carcass is subjected to a powerjet that removes all fat, gristle and meat which is then reformed into textured slices.


The programme also secretly filmed the shockingly unhygienic practices at one factory that supplies small shops and garages.

Take a careful look at the ingredients next time you buy a sandwich. It is far better to make your own.

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