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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The World Is Your Lobster

The World Is Your Lobster

Those of you who love the taste of lobster, but are a little squeamish about seeing it being boiled alive, may find the latest food invention to be of interest.

Simon Buckhaven, a barrister, has designed a gadget that stuns a lobster with electrodes and kills it within five seconds. The CrustaStun ensures that the lobster dies a less violent death, than the current variations of; being drowned in freshwater, knifed in the head or boiled alive.

The CrustaStun is being used by the Blue Seafood Company, in Paignton, Devon, and Cromer Crab, of Norfolk.

Mr Buckhaven will soon offer a smaller version that can be used in restaurants, at a cost of about £1,500 to £2,000.

He is even working on one for the home.

It is expected that the CrustaStun will receive a sales boost soon, as the EU may well make the humane killing of crustaceans compulsory; as a scientific report has said that they are "sentient beings" and feel pain.

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