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Restaurant Reviews


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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ethical Cod

Those of you with a yearning for a good quality piece of cod, but who have found it difficult to obtain owing to overfishing, may soon take heart; it seems that a new supply of ethical cod has been made available.

The first organic cod will be appearing in Britain's supermarkets and restaurants this week.

Tesco will be selling organic cod fillets at a staggering £19.99 per kilo.

"No Catch . . . Just Cod" is aimed at the "ethical eater", it is the world's first organically farmed 100% sustainable cod.

It is produced by Johnson Seafarms in the Shetlands, who say that the cod are raised in spacious circular cages and are fed wild herring and mackerel and given toys, including ropes to chew on and tunnels to swim through.

The cod will also be served at restaurants in Harvey Nichols stores, the Oxo Tower restaurant and on the South Bank in London.

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