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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

World's Most Expensive Sandwich

World's Most Expensive Sandwich

Those of you who wince at paying £3 or more for a soggy sandwich may care to turn away now.

Selfridge's in London are now selling the world's most expensive sandwich, the McDonald (named after its creator Scott McDonald).

The cost of the McDonald comes it at a whopping £85.

What do you get for your £85?

-fermented sourdough bread
-red pepper confit
-foie gras
-Japanese beef flown in fresh, the cattle that produce it are fed on beer and sake as well as grain and massaged to make their meat tender

The McDonald also packs a calorific punch..2,000 to be precise!

Quite ridiculous, but I am sure there will be people with more money than sense who will buy this unnecessary product.

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