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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Krogen Soldaten Svejk

Krogen Soldaten Svejk

Those of you who are residing in, or travelling to, Stockholm and who are in search of a good pub atmosphere and hearty food should check out the Krogen Soldaten Svejk (the Czech Soldier Pub).

It was established in 1974 by the Vada family from Czechoslovakia.

This is a splendid establishment that serves good beer, and hearty East European food in a pub setting.

I particularly recommend the Holstein Schnitzel (fried veal with fried eggs).

Eva and I went there a while ago, and most certainly will revisit it when we are next in Stockholm.

Contact details

Krogen Soldaten Svejk
Ostgotagatan 35
116 25 Stockholm

+46 8 641 33 66


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