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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Motorway Service?

Motorway Service?

The consumer magazine, Which?, has taken to the roads and reviewed the food at many of Britain's much lambasted motorway "service" stations.

It is fair to say that many do not come out with flying colours. The Cullompton service station on the M5 near Exeter, was named as the worst in Britain.

It was described as "little more than a McDonald's next to a petrol station".


"It provides the bare minimum required but we reckon these days people have the right to expect more when they see a great big sign directing them off the motorway."

Other service stations to be lambasted include; Bothwell on the M74 east of Glasgow ("dreary and cluttered"), Trowell on the M1 near Nottingham ("dull, uninspiring, noisy and gloomy") and Magor on the M4 near Newport ("a truly miserable experience").

However, one station did meet with the approval of Which? Tebay is named the best in Britain.

Which? awarded it five stars.


"An attractive wooden building with terrific far-reaching Cumbrian views and a duck pond make a great first impact.

A decent restaurant, well-stocked shop with quality kids' toys and free phone calls to a good local hotel all impressed. But it was the local produce shop that sealed the deal

Fridges were stocked with local lamb and beef, stuffed pheasants and Cumbrian organic chicken. The deli sold regional chutney and jams, the cakes and sandwiches were freshly made in the kitchens.

So you see, if the service stations bothered to try they could improve. The problem is they don't give a stuff about the customer.

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