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Friday, September 09, 2005

Banglatown Curry Festival

Banglatown Curry Festival

The Banglatown International Curry Festival is launched again this Sunday, in Brick Lane London, and will be celebrating its fifth year in 2005.

It will go on for two weeks, and is a celebration of everything that Banglatown has to offer; giving visitors an opportunity to try a variety of dishes.

The launch coincides with the Brick Lane Festival, and more than 60,000 visitors are expected to attend to experience the global mix of food, music, history and culture.

Visitors are given the chance to experience the very best of the curry capital of Europe.

Over 45 restaurants will be offering special deals and family menus to encourage customers to try dishes, and for families to dine together.

Eateries will be offering al-fresco dining, and food stalls on the weekends. International music will be played live in Allen Gardens and the Vibe Bar courtyard during the first day of celebration, and both weekends will see live music and street entertainment up and down Brick Lane.

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