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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Fancy A Cuppa?

Fancy A Cuppa?

Those of you who like nothing better than a nice cup of tea, may think twice before venturing into the Plaisir du Chocolat on Edinburgh's Royal Mile.

There, if you choose the have a pot of Japanese tea called Kiyosawa, you will be charged £23.80.

Allegedly this brand of organic white tea is harvested in the first flush, from a very small garden where only eight people grow the Yabukita variety of tea plant.

Bertrand Espouy, owner of Plaisir du Chocolat on the Royal Mile, said:

"Japanese tea is always quite expensive as they don't produce a lot and there is a great demand.

It's the first flush - there are only two harvests a year - from the spring harvest, totally organic and very limited in quantity

Not surprisingly, he noted that it was rare for a customer to order the Kiyosawa.

Fortunately I can't stand the stuff, and stick to alcohol when dining out.

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