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Friday, August 05, 2005

Cooking At Google

Cooking At Google

Normally staff canteens do not rate that highly in the world of gastronomy.

However, as with many things, Google aims to be a world leader; and in respect of providing its employees with good food, for free, it aims to be the best.

Google's chef, Charlie Ayers who once cooked for the Grateful, has left Google to start his own chain of restaurants.

Google are now looking for two new chefs, and have advertised as such. They say that the chefs would oversee menus "from vegan entrees to pad Thai, grilled burgers, and wood-fired pizza all while using organic ingredients whenever possible."

Google said it would sponsor a cook-off between its top four applicants, selecting the best two out of the four.

Standard Google fayre includes sweet potato jalapeno bisque with corn, and grilled petite New York sirloins seasoned with Creole spices.

Better than many restaurants in my view.

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