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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Iffy WiFi

Iffy WiFi

Much like the annoyance that the use of mobile phones in restaurants arouses, it seems that laptops are destined to become equally annoying.

There seem to be some diners who, for reasons best know to themselves, choose to bring their laptop into a restaurant.

Sad bastards!

Good manners dictates that both mobiles and laptops should be turned off when dining. However, there are those selfish individuals amongst us who choose to ignore the feelings of others.

Several restaurants in Silicon valley, where else?, have decided to cater for these techno nerds; and are now offering a haven for them, and their laptops.

The Trapeze Restaurant offers a wall down one side of the restaurant for the diners and their laptops, whilst the Burlingame restaurant offers WiFi service.

Others are set to follow.

This is bad news for those ordinary mortals amongst us, who go to a restaurant for the food and atmosphere.

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