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Monday, May 23, 2005

Disney Lands In The Soup

Disney Lands In The Soup

Disney has managed to get itself into hot water, over its plans to serve dishes such as shark's fin soup, sea cucumber and abalone in its hotel restaurants in its new theme park in Hong Kong.

Clarus Chu, of the World Wildlife Fund in Hong Kong, said:

"Promoting these marine species is not responsible because they are not sustainably harvested. Disney should have the social responsibility to promote responsible consumption...Serving these in wedding banquets will also make the bride and groom feel they are not doing something right."

The Chinese consider these dishes to be a sign of affluence.

Disney is quoted as saying that it will serve the dish "upon request".


"Hong Kong Disneyland takes environmental stewardship very seriously and we are equally sensitive to local cultures..It is customary for Chinese restaurants and 5-star hotels to serve shark's fin soup in Hong Kong as the dish is considered as an integral part of Chinese banquets."

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