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Restaurant Reviews


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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Waiter There's A Tongue Piercing In My Soup!

Waiter There's A Tongue Piercing In My Soup!

It seems that the diners in Cheyenne, Wyoming USA, have more than just hairs in their soup to contend with.

It is reported that a city health inspector has said there had been "several cases" of tongue rings, and other facial jewelry, found in the food in the city's restaurants.

This has caused a minor panic in the Governor's Food Safety Council, as such they have recommending banning facial jewelry for restaurant workers who prepare food.

This may be a culinary first!

Jon Cecil, of Cheyenne Health Department, reportedly told the Food Safety Council in January:

"We've had several cases of old ladies finding tongue rings and rings and whatnot in their food..We actually had a lady at one of our finer restaurants in town and ... she found a tongue ring."

Seemingly nose rings could transmit staph bacteria. However, the nose ring would have to sit in a plate of food for hours before a sufficient population of bacteria built up to spread the disease.

It may be more important to concentrate on the basics of hygiene, such as washing your hands regularly.

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