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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Atkins On The Wane

Atkins On The Wane

It seems that the Atkins fad, for eating protein but no carbs, may be on the wane in restaurants in the US.

The diet was as much the product of slick PR, as it was obesity. As such many restaurants, both in the US and Britain, scrambled to satisfy their customers' latest fad.

Menus were revised to include "Atkins" friendly items, or low carb meals. Fries were out, and veggies were in.

However, as with any fad, the momentum faded. The NPD Group, an independent US marketing information company, has reported that the percentage of American adults on any low carb diet in 2004 peaked at 9.1% in February 2004 and dropped to 4.9% by early November.

This means that restaurants in the US are now revising their menus again, and bringing back the carbs.


As with anything in the US, you can be sure that it will take hold here in the UK as well. So those of you missing your carbs, need not go hungry for much longer.

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