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Monday, March 14, 2005

The Joy of Cheese

The Joy of Cheese

The well known American food writer, Ruth Reichl, came to Britain with her colleagues to review the quality of dining opportunities here.

They were so impressed, that they announced that London was the best place on Earth to eat; in fact, they dedicated the whole issue of Gourmet magazine to dining in London.

It seems that one of the key elements in convincing Reichl, and her colleagues, about the quality of food on offer was her chance encounter with a toasted cheese sandwich.

She was reportedly walking through Borough market and came across a sandwich stall run by Bill Oglethorpe, a cheese expert from the specialist suppliers Neal's Yard Dairy.

Reichl was so impressed with his toasted cheese an onion sandwich that she had a second helping.

If you want to try his sandwich you can find his tall in Borough Market, near London Bridge, every Saturday.

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