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Monday, December 08, 2003

The Hard Rock Café
Sveav. 75
113 50 Stockholm

Phone:- 08 545 49400



Eva and I found ourselves out rather late in Stockholm the other evening. As many of the restaurants were closing we went to the Hard Rock Café, which stays open late. Hard Rock Café is an American themed bar and restaurant, serving steaks, burgers and assorted American cuisine.


Hard Rock Café is a lively, brash and cheerful American themed bar and restaurant. Everywhere you look there are TV monitors playing rock videos at a boisterous volume. You cannot escape the omnipresent video, even in the urinals; they have miniature screens built in at eye-level.

Those of you wishing to have a souvenir of the Hard Rock Café can buy T shirts and assorted apparel from the shop, conveniently situated near the door.


The menu offers a good selection of burgers, chicken and steak dishes. Starters include platters of baked potatoes, fajitas or combos for people to share.

They have a list of interestingly titled cocktails such as “Slippery Nipple” and “Purple Hooters”.


The staff, from the doorman through to manager and waitresses, were all very welcoming and friendly. We were promptly seated, and menus and drinks brought instantaneously.

The service was very efficient, and when I asked for two fried eggs (not on the menu) to be served with my steak, the order was readily accepted. I was even asked if I wanted them sunny side up. Top marks!


We started with the platter of baked potato skins to share. This consisted of eight skins, generously filled with potato, cheese and bacon. They were topped off with chopped spring onions and a sour cream dip on the side.

The skins were very tasty. However, they could have been a little warmer.

I chose the 12oz New York strip (with two fried eggs) for my main course. This came with a choice of baked potatoes, fries or sauté potatoes. I opted for the fries.

The steak was tender, and had been cooked rare to my specification. Rather incongruously it came with cauliflower florets as a vegetable accompaniment, they were a little underdone.

That being said, I cleared my plate and sated the “inner man”.

Eva had a cheeseburger with fries for her main course. This was definitely a cut above the sad soggy specimens served by high street fast food outlets. It had been freshly made, and was served “open topped” rather than squeezed together between the two halves of the bun. Eva was pleased with her choice.

The meal, which included cocktails, a bottle of Chardonnay and Irish coffees, came to around 1200SEK.

Overall Opinion

We enjoyed the meal and the atmosphere of the restaurant. Maybe not a place for an intimate evening. However, worth visiting if you are out late one night in Stockholm and are feeling hungry.

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