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Restaurant Reviews


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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Southover - Brighton

The Southover pub (58 Southover St Brighton BN2 9UF - 01273 601419) is currently hosting The Heart and Soul Food Company special pop up soul food kitchen for one month 19th Aug - 21st Sept.

We gave it a go last night, and had a selection of small dishes (you can have them served in larger portions if you want). Here is a very subjective view of the ones we ate (note they do others, and also do burgers):

- Peri peri chicken wings - spicy, tender and splendid
- Onion rings - good sized portion, not greasy, tasty

- Salsa - lacked kick/flavour

- Ribs - flavoursome and tender

- Brisket chilli - oven baked, smokey, spicy and came with some extra jalapeños to scatter upon it

- Corn on the cob - very good, good sized cob and came with butter in a separate dish (without having to ask for it)

- Jalapeño cheese poppers - bland and tasteless

- Smokey macaroni cheese - bloody good, normally I would consign such a "schooldays memory" dish to the waste bin without even trying it

- Rice with black beans - good

The small dishes range from £2.50 to £4 each if memory serves.

Worth a visit in my humble opinion.

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