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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hotel du Vin Abandons Brighton Seagulls

I am very sorry to see that the new owners of the Hotel Du Vin in Brighton have removed the seagulls that used to hang from the ceiling of the cocktail bar.

A journalist chum of mine told me that she hates the word "iconic", feeling that it overused. However, in this particular instance, I will risk her ire; by stating categorically that the seagulls were iconic and very much part of the bar contributing to its quirky ambience.

More to the point:

  • Seagulls are as much a part of Brighton as fish and chips. 

  • Brighton and Hove Albion, the local football team, are nicknamed "The Seagulls".

  • By ditching the seagulls, the hotel is in effect ditching its connection to Brighton itself.

  • The bar, sans seagulls, now looks and feels like a soulless barn.

Bring back the seagulls!

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