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Restaurant Reviews


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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Sir Charles Napier - Updated

50 Southover Street
East Sussex

Tel: 01273 601 413

Since my last mention of the Sir Charles Napier, in July 2012, the pub has changed hands and changed chef.

A belated, but warm welcome to Landlord Daniel and Chef Lee who took over in Q3 2012.

I am happy to state that the ambiance, warm welcoming atmosphere of the pub and food served is still of a high standard.

Lee's menu, which includes fish, steak, pies etc changes on a regular basis. However, one staple that is his trade mark is the most excellent steamed bacon pudding (cubes of bacon wrapped within a suet pudding) served with crushed potatoes and vegetables. A most excellent dish, tasty, hearty and warming; ideal for these cold winter days!

Also of particular merit are the chicken goujons served with a lightly spicy sauce.

Local pubs, when they are well run deserve to be supported by the local communities which they serve. The Sir Charles Napier is one such pub; go there for a drink and meal, you won't be disappointed!

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