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Restaurant Reviews


Fed up with celebrity chefs drizzling sauces over undercooked pieces of meat? I am!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pub With No Name

A jolly gang of four of us dined in Pub With No Name (58 Southover St Brighton) last night.

As the pub's website says:

"Pub With No Name is housed in a rambling building no architect could possibly have designed. You just keep on finding nooks and crannies and interesting places, and another comfy sofa to sit on. Art and photography decorate the walls. And there are screens for sport, too. Upstairs the function room leads onto a split-level beer terrace.

The bar features cask ale, foreign beers and a shots menu, while Rich’s Kitchen provides Mexican food during the week, making way for The Pub With No Name’s famous Sunday lunch."

Lat's night's specials were a "smorgasbord" (yes I know it's the wrong country!) of Spanish Tapas dishes including; cold meats, meat balls, spicy potatoes, tortilla etc etc.

We had every dish from the menu...because we were greedy pigs!

Our conclusion?

Bloody marvellous!

My compliments to chef Rich.

The dishes all arrived within minutes of each other (no tedious wait) and tasted absolutely great.

We were well pleased, well fed and well stuffed.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending Pub With No Name for its food, atmosphere and friendly staff and service.

We shall return!

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