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Restaurant Reviews


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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Advice To The Hotel Du Vin Brighton

Advice To The Hotel Du Vin Brighton

Check that your salt and pepper pots are full before laying the tables, most especially (when asked for replacement ones) check that the replacements that you provide are actually full!:)

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Grant said...


Could it be that there was a member of the salt police in attendance prior to you visit and that they serruptitiously emtied all of the dispensers that the staff had diligently filled before opening for the day?

Or maybe they just don't bother to treat the dispensers as anything nmore than table dressing because few people seem to use them?

Just a thought. It occurs to me that nobody in our family seems to add salt when out for a meal, including me even though I tend to be a liberal salt user at home, especially with cold food.