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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Britain Exposed To Food Price Rise

Britain Exposed To Food Price Rise

Ernst & Young's Item Club has issued a report today that states that the UK is "more exposed" to rising food price rises than other similar countries.

The US has a balance of food, France has a surplus whilst the UK has a trade deficit in food.

World food prices are rising as a result of population growth, poor climate in the major cereal producing nations, the growth in the production of biofuels, and the increasing wealth in developing nations which has prompted a higher demand for meat and livestock products.

This will have a negative impact on the finances of businesses and households. However, if people learn to use leftovers and stop wasting perfectly good food significant savings can be made and the negative effects of the price rises mitigated.

People need to stop being so wasteful, and learn the recipes of their grandparents eg; bubble and squeak, corned beef hash, cold cuts, shepherd's pie etc.

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